Other Useful Things

Tiny Tips are a series of short help videos for beginners. Head over to the playlist to see them all. New ones added occasionally!

Care and feeding of your ukulele! The lovely folks at Mya-Moe have a helpful page that gives you some pointers on caring for your ukulele.

Another helpful set of care instructions can be found here on the Ohana Ukuleles page.

Looking to buy a ukulele? There are several music stores in Guelph that carry ukuleles, including Octave Music, Guelph Music, and Long & McQuade. I am also the exclusive Guelph distributor of Ohana Ukuleles and you can find out more here.

Wondering if there are ukulele jams and strums going on nearby? Head over here to see a listing of what’s happening in the Guelph/Cambridge/Kitchener-Waterloo area.