Why Piano?

pics1 The piano is an instrument capable of expressing a wide range of music, from challenging Beethoven sonatas to simple children’s songs, complex jazz chord progressions to driving pop tunes.

It can be an ideal instrument to learn music on for many reasons:

  • It will keep your brain and body challenged and active.  Learning to play requires coordination skills and the ability to translate a language (music) into an activity (playing).  Studies have shown learning piano can boost your IQ!
  • You’ll learn to read music in both treble and bass clefs, which can give you a leg up when starting to learn other instruments.
  • It’s ideal for ear training and technique development.
  • It allows you to play both melody and harmony so it can be a solo instrument or you can accompany/play with others.
  • Versatility! You can play a wide range of music on the piano.
  • It’s a wonderful creative outlet for composition and improvisation.
  • You’ll learn perseverance, improve concentration and memory, and build confidence as you progress.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to play and provides a lot of personal fulfillment.

Whether you’re looking for the challenge and accreditation of Conservatory examinations or just want to learn for fun, lessons are customized to create a rewarding learning experience for each individual.

“Cynthia is wonderful to work with. She is very flexible and pays close attention to the needs of our teenager, from his schedule to his musical interests. She makes learning fun, and has inspired our 15 year old boy to have a real love of piano. We are amazed at what he has been able to accomplish in just one year with Cynthia. We have recommended her to many friends looking for a personal touch.” – Andrea

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