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2fb1e5b0647671e5927de0437616201eThe beginning of a new year can be a time to refresh and embark on something new. Although “getting healthy” is often on the resolution list for many, it usually refers to things like weight loss, physical exercise or changing eating habits.

But what if part of getting healthy meant doing something for your overall wellbeing? What if you could turn off the stereo and create your own music? What if the word ‘scale’ could mean something to exercise your brain and fingers rather than something you have to step on and avert your eyes?

If that sounds like something that’s more up your alley, then perhaps taking up an instrument should be on your list for 2015!

Learning music is fabulous for your brain and your body: improved coordination, confidence, memory, language skills, creativity…the list goes on and on. Plus, it’s so good for your overall emotional health.  No matter your age, getting a little music in your life is simply a great idea.

But which instrument to choose?

Give some thought to what you naturally gravitate to. Do you think the versatile piano is appealing? What about the friendly ukulele, which gets you started quickly but can offer a lot of challenge, too? Do you love to sing? Do you want to play with others or on your own? Is there an instrument lying around that you’ve always wanted to pick up? What’s in your budget?

The beauty of learning music is that you’re never too old or too young to get started and the options are endless.

Whatever you choose, be prepared that just like investing in your physical health, investing in a musical journey requires some level of dedication, even if it’s just to learn for fun. It doesn’t need to be endless hours of painful practice or boring lessons – the right mix of instrument, teacher and method can make the process a truly enjoyable one so make sure you do your research.

Then get playing and make 2015 your year of music!