Tiny Tips

Welcome to Tiny Tips

*Please note that Tiny Tips is on hold for the moment. Enjoy the existing tips and I’ll be back at it soon to add more!*

Each week, I’ll be releasing a short video with a quick tip to help you with your ukulele journey. I know there are a lot of great ukulele videos out there. This labour of love is being created to offer some extra support to my students and can hopefully be useful for anyone learning ukulele.

Here’s the link to the YouTube channel where you can watch and subscribe to the weekly tips. You can also follow along on Facebook/Twitter, where I’ll post it each week, as well. 

Enjoy and get your ukulele on!


Backstory of Tiny Tips:

A smart, young, dynamic woman who worked at the University embarked on a vlog adventure that was going to enable her to learn about video creation by forcing herself to vlog each week for 52 weeks in 2017. She called it the 2017 Vlog Challenge and she challenged others in her circle to do the same, sharing something they care about through this platform. 

Tragically, this beautiful 34-year-old mother passed away suddenly in the first week of January, sending a shockwave rippling through the University and amongst her peers.

In her memory, I have taken up the 2017 Vlog Challenge, sharing a weekly snippet of information about ukulele. I’m a firm believer that everyone should discover the joy of making music and this little instrument is a wonderful way to make that happen. 

And so Tiny Tips began…