Why Ukulele?

pics2The little instrument that could.

The ukulele: often underestimated yet a truly wonderful instrument for people aged 8 to 108!

What makes it so special? It is:

  • light and portable
  • excellent as a solo or ensemble instrument
  • a great tool for developing ear-training and learning music theory
  • inexpensive to purchase compared to other instruments, although a word of warning – many people end up with more than one! (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome)
  • you can play while singing!
  • versatile – perfect for simple campfire sing-a-longs, more challenging classical and traditional music, or covering your favourite radio hits
  • perfect for any age, from kids to adults (recommended for age 8+)
  • a great starting point for gaining comfort on a fretted instrument
  • pleasant and mellow to listen to (mom/dad/spouse/roommates won’t require ear plugs while you practice!)

“Right from the first lesson, Cynthia taught me a lot, from strumming techniques, to tricks of the instrument.  Cynthia is a fantastic teacher, and she brings such a passion for music to her teaching. When she plays, you can tell that Cynthia loves what she does, and that is crucial in a teacher. If you’re young and just starting out in the music world, or if you have a few years in your sails and want to bring a little uke into your life, I recommend contacting Cynthia. I can’t wait until my next lesson!”  – Emma B.

Get in touch today to get started.  Private lessons, remote/Skype sessions, and school/group/team-building workshop options available.

Cynthia makes the five-minute pitch for why ukulele is for everyone at her Ignite Talk in March 2014. Check it out and then grab yourself a uke!