What Students Are Saying

Some comments from students and parents about their lesson or class experiences.


“Cynthia really listens to each student and tailors her teaching to suit their particular needs and interests. She also provides great ‘play along videos’ that allow her students to practise at home with her expert guidance.” – Elementary Teacher

“Cynthia is a down-to-earth music angel. She can bring music you didn’t even know you were missing back into your life.” – Adult student

“Cynthia has been giving piano lessons to my 7 year old daughter and this was her introduction not only to music but also to formal lessons. We’ve seen steady progress under Cynthia’s weekly instruction. She is still at the age where her attention isn’t always 100% on the task at hand and I’ve admired Cynthia’s ability to adjust to the child’s current mood, continue on with the lesson, and acquire the desired result. She teaches in a very relaxed and non threatening manner, and the children seem to be very comfortable with her. She has also been exposed to playing in front of others (outside the family) in a non-threatening way with the Music Cafes Cynthia hosts. I would highly recommend Cynthia as an excellent piano teacher.”  – Parent

“Cynthia makes me feel like I’m having fun while I learn to play piano. I am learning so much and I can play some really cool songs!” – Young student

“I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never got around to it. Cynthia got me hooked on the ukulele after a 4-week session. All of a sudden, I could play music and sing! How fun is that? The ukulele ensemble, led by Cynthia, is a non-threatening but challenging way to gain proficiency in an instrument while still having a ton of fun. She makes it seem possible!” – Adult student

“I thought the ukulele was just an easy instrument and I didn’t know that there was so much I could learn and work on. I’m learning things that I didn’t even know I could do on the ukulele! Cynthia teaches so many neat things!” – Young student

“AWESOME UKULELE TEACHER! Cynthia is an engaging and talented teacher whose passion and dedication to the ukulele are contagious. As a student you learn a lot while having a lot of fun. Cynthia is very professional, and always prepared for classes, developing effective lessons plans which include an interesting and eclectic range of songs. Whether you’re a newbie or a more seasoned player, Cynthia takes the time to help each individual with their unique challenges. I recommend Cynthia without reservation.” – Adult student

“Cynthia is wonderful to work with. She is very flexible, and pays close attention to the needs of our teenager, from his schedule to his musical interests.  She makes learning fun, and has inspired our 15 year old boy to have a real love of piano. We are amazed at what he has been able to accomplish in just one year with Cynthia. We have recommended her to many friends looking for a personal touch.” – Parent

“I had never learned music as a child, but I thought it would be fun to make music with other adults. I approached Cynthia about learning ukluele so I could participate in the Royal City Ukulele Ensemble. I literally couldn’t strum a chord, nor could I identify a note…but in a few short weeks, I am playing music proficiently and participating in the ensemble. I am so enjoying learning about music, singing…and my lessons with Cynthia and her patient guidance have improved my enjoyment of both music and life in profound ways. She is highly recommended!”  – Adult student