2 comments on “What’s the best age to start my child in music lessons?

  1. This is so important. With four kids and each in activities, we can’t afford not to be choosy. So after years of asking for piano lessons we finally enrolled our eldest in piano two years ago. Best. Decision. Ever. She’s a natural and we didn’t want to risk postponing it to the point she lost interest. Her younger sister, now 6, is showing interest so I expect she will be next. My feeling is that if a child expresses a desire to pursue a musical instrument, we are doing that child a disservice by not giving her or him that opportunity, if for no other reason than to explore whether or not she or he enjoys it enough to continue on.

  2. Yes, yes! So great to hear you’re investing in your kids’ musical interests, Erica. And you’re right – with a big family, you have to be choosy!

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